Awesome to meet you. Glad you're here.

Here's what you should know about me.

I'm a freelance writer, editor, and artist who went to a liberal arts school — an experience that earned me two bachelors degrees in literature (one in English, one in French), gave me three years of experience as a tutor and writing mentor, and taught me the art of keeping 10 plates spinning in the air at all times.

I started my career at a small media company that published four regional print magazines each month. After beginning with them as an editorial intern and writing for all four publications, I was hired upon graduation as a staff writer, and promoted to assistant editor. 

As a result of the many sudden changes incurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, I set off at the end of 2020 to freelance and focus on my small arts business, flora & phrase, through which I create a wide variety of items with my great grandfather's 1931 Remington Noiseless typewriter. I wear every hat in this creative endeavor — copywriter, proofreader, marketer, CEO — so those are all hats I'm comfortable in and able to morph into on any given day, for myself or for my clients.

My broad experience in such areas as editing, fashion styling, stage managing, copywriting, translating, tutoring, and teaching serves as testament to my ability to learn quickly and collaborate creatively. Throw me a project — I always welcome a new challenge.