Interested in working with me? 

Here's some of what I can offer. 

Writing. I'm available for hire for short- and long-form reported journalism, copywriting, lesson plans, blogs, manuals, greeting cards, and book reviews. I love writing social impact stories, whether that's a long reported piece about the work of local activists or branded content for a mission-driven company.

Editing. My editing experience includes journalism, college essays, academic papers, book proposals, and creative workI'm an excellent collaborator, ask tough questions, and am a stickler for details. 

Gifts and keepsakes. You can get custom poetry and more handmade on real vintage typewriters over at

Poems. Hire me to write on-the-spot poetry at your wedding, baby shower, corporate event, and more. I also collaborate on highly custom projects — think voiceover poem for a creative video, poetry written for a Campari ad (yes, really!), or a limerick written for a loved one's birthday.